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Benson High School Library Plan for Hybrid Learning

Summary of policies and procedures for Students Enrolled in Hybrid and CDL:


  • Library and textbook room will not be available for drop in student visits to align with cohort protocols.

  • Individual students can arrange with the teachers and library during class time to have materials delivered to the classroom.

  • Materials will be checked out in advance and delivered to classrooms whenever possible to help minimize cross cohort contamination. While fully online students will have access to the same titles via the library catalog or similar digital databases.  

  • Library lessons, curriculum consulting, and community building will continue remotely, or in person as appropriate and applicable.


These changes will be communicated to students and staff via an asynchronous library orientation, email, or staff instructional time. There is also a copy of this outlined on the library website under the tab labeled ( Hybrid Library Resources).

Students in CDL and Hybrid can continue to request materials via email or the Google Form. They will pick up materials at the textbook window or have them delivered.

Student and Staff Needs

How the Benson Library Will Serve this Need

A student needs materials while in-person class is in session at Benson.

  • The teacher or student will call the library at ext 77125 or email to request materials. 

  • Mr. Larson or Ms.Irma will check out materials and deliver them to the classroom.

A whole class needs the same textbook or novel

  • Ms. Irma will check out materials and label them with the students’ names. 

  • Materials for students in hybrid learning will be delivered to the classroom for the teacher to pass out to students.

  • Electronic versions of the same materials will be available for students online to facilitate access.

A whole class needs to choose an independent reading book

  • Mr. Larson will teach a library lesson to promote new, popular, and electronic materials. This can be done online to provide access to all student learners. 

  • Students will browse the library collection to choose a book. 

  • Students will share their choice with Mr. Larson using the Google Form. I will check out the book and deliver the physical books to the classroom by the end of the day. Online students can choose digital versions that will be categorized in the library catalog under “eBooks”  that are available. Or directed to other online formats and databases that will have a wider selection of choices. 

A whole class needs a library lesson on research

  • Teachers will reserve Mr. Larson’s time in advance by emailing their request to or calling ext: 77125 

  • Mr. Larson will teach library lessons on research online so that all students have access to learning materials and information.

An individual student needs to print

  • Students will be encouraged to use digital resources.

  • The student emails library staff the document to be printed.

  • or 

  •  Library staff can deliver printing to the classroom if there is an urgent need.

Building Community

  • The library will continue to host remote resources such as OBOB, author visits, and Verslandia.

Curriculum Consulting

  • Teachers will schedule a meeting with Mr. Larson via email to discuss and collaborate on curriculum.

Technology Support

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