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Benson needs library volunteers to help in the library.

Please contact Mr. Larson for more information

(503) 916- 5100

Some Items we could use your help with.




This is a list of the needed support items that we are looking for to help the library run more efficiently, while  providing and maintaining a quality library experience for the great students at Benson. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or additional ideas that are not mentioned on this page that you think would benefit the library program at Benson High School.

Needs for the Benson library:

1. Shelve Books/Organize Books:  This project is ongoing and and can be any time during the school day, after school, or morning.

Time Requirement: A few hours a day or week, or what works within your schedule.


2. Repair damaged books and materials. I can show those that are interested how to properly do this.

Time Requirement: This is also on going, and is flexible with the time and day.

3. Photos for the yearbook and other events. This is also an ongoing project that I would like someone who could attended specific events during school and/or after school to take photos of different activities.

Time Requirements:These events are sporadic and are somewhat flexible with the time requirements.

4. OBOB ( Oregon Battle Of the Books). This is Oregon’s book competition held each year for grades 9-12. Teams from different schools compete with each other depending on grade level. The opportunity for needed help is great, and can easily be something that could require more of a commitment. Currently we need help in several areas, coaches for the team's, help in running practice sessions, and general support of the teams. If interested I would be happy to talk with you more about the specifics.

Time Requirements: Ongoing and varied depending on your time availability.   

5. Display set up and changes for the library: This would require help in setting up monthly displays for the library included but not limited to monthly author features, seasonal resource displays, new book displays, and other library promotion projects.

Time Requirements: This is something that is ongoing and is flexible with the time requirements.

6. Help with textbook check in at the end of the year: Help with directing students and questions during the check in process for textbooks. This could include but is not limited to shelving books in the book room, checking in textbooks from students, helping to repair damaged books, and organizing checked in materials by grade and subjects.

Time Requirements: The time is flexible and could be arranged around your schedule

7. Help in keeping the library home page up to date and current: Help with up dating information relevant to upcoming events and resources in the library. Help with the Benson School Library blog updating it with current events and learning activities in the library.

Time Requirements: This would be ongoing and the hours would be flexible and could be done at home on your own time.



Carl Larson

Library Media Specialist

Benson High School

(503) 916-5100

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